Join Us Every Month

Tired of stuffy networking or meetup events? You know the ones, everyone is just running around in a sweaty suit throwing business cards at you and hoping that their generic business can help you? Yeah, we will definitely meet up for coffee this week you say as you stuff another think business card into your pocket to throw away the first chance you get.
Weeeell so were we. So we decided to do something different. We saw that people would naturally find ways to make money if they just knew each other long enough. You see in real estate everyone needs to work together to make money. We all need deal sources, contractors, attorneys, insurance, capital, and the list goes on and on.
So here is what we decided to do. Get a group together once a month and just have fun and talk together, with no agenda and no overpriced mentorship (available for a limited time). Sure enough, the success stories started rolling in.
So come join us on the first Tuesday of every month. We keep the events conveniently located, free to attend, free parking, and free food. So the only reason not to come is if you hate money….
See you soon.
-Eli and Jeffery

Your network is your networth